Who We Are.

Compassion Threads is a sustainable, luxury clothing brand created with animals and the planet in mind. We donate 50% of our profits to animal charities, and make sure all of our clothing is made in sustainable, and cruelty free ways. All our inks, materials, printing and dyeing processes are 100% vegan.

All our packaging is sustainable and biodegradable.

We create high quality, luxury pieces that will last a lifetime, and remind you and others of the compassion you have for our animal friends.

Wear your Compassion Threads with pride, and know that while you feel comfortable and well dressed, you’ve also helped animals in need.

A Compassionate Collective.

Our clothing is more than just clothing, it’s a testament to your values; to your compassion.

In a world where animals face devastating abuse, with only so much spare money one can donate to causes close to their hearts, we’ve created another way.

When you buy from Compassion Threads, you become part of our Compassionate Collective.

This is a group of truly wonderful, kind souls who care about the animals on our planet. People who want to help as much as they can. People who wear their Compassion Threads clothing with pride, knowing they have both donated directly to animals in need, and are able to spread the word of compassion through the clothing they wear.

Our Compassionate Partners.

We like to keep things transparent. We keep you up to date on where the donations go, and how much. We have a growing list of Compassionate Partners with whom we work. These are the animal charities and sanctuaries doing the challenging work to save animals lives. With your support, we can continue to donate more and more to these incredible causes, and expand our list of Compassionate Partners.

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