Compassionate Partner Donations.

Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary

Have A Compassionate Partner Submission?

Is there an animal charity or sanctuary you want to see here?

Send us the details and a bit about why you think they would be a great Compassionate Partner. And, if they become one, a special donation will be made in your name to them from us as a thank you!

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  • Who Can Become A Compassionate Partner?

    Any animal charity or sanctuary, no matter the location can become a Compassionate Partner.

  • What Does A Compassionate Partner Actually Mean?

    No, the charities / sanctuary’s do not pay a fee to us. Either we reach out to them, letting them know we will become regular donors, or they reach out to us and then we become donors.

    These donations can be regular, or bigger one offs to help with time constained fundraisers.

    We also on ocassion collaborate with a charity /snactuary to create a fundraising collection where 100% of the profits go towards their fundraiser.

  • Where Can We Find Info About The Donations?

    As we have just opened, we currently have no reports. But all donation information will be availableon this page for refrence to all. We want to be transparent about where your donations go.

    To keep up to date with our donations to our Compassionate Partners, sign up to our newsletter, where we will send monthly updates on new Compassionate Partners, where and how much we donated that month.

  • Who Are The Compassionate Partners?

    You can find the extensive list of our current Compassionate Partners by clicking the link below.