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A message from our founder.

Hiya! My name is Lauren and I’m the founder of Compassion Threads.

Growing up surrounded by kind and loving animals, it breaks my heart to know that many others suffer and never feel safe, protected, or happy. I wanted to help end their suffering.

However, it's not always easy. No matter how much I wanted to donate, there was only so much I could do on my own.

That's why I created Compassion Threads—to establish a scalable way to donate money to animals in need. Every time someone makes a purchase, 50% of the profits are donated directly to sanctuaries, providing them with a reliable source of funding so they can focus on protecting and saving more animals.

The other 50% of profits are reinvested into Compassion Threads, allowing us to grow and support even more sanctuaries in the future.

This business was created with the sole purpose of helping animals, and I'm so grateful for your support!

Let’s create a more compassionate word together.